Introducing the new 4gadgets

Introducing the new 4gadgets

You might know 4gadgets as the place to go for all your refurbished mobile phone needs. And with great second hand mobile phone brands under our belt, including refurbished Samsung devices and graded Apple iPhones, you’re not wrong. But what if we told you that it could get even better?
Enter the new and improved 4gadgets – a more streamlined, user-friendly way to get your hands on your dream device for a price that just makes sense and quality that can’t be beaten.



Being connoisseurs in refurbished mobile phones, we thought it was important to give our mobile site a little makeover. With our updated website, mobile users will find it much easier to scroll, swipe, navigate, click, and buy. The new 4gadgets mobile site is built to be intuitive and smooth, with a device-friendly design that’s easy on the eyes (more on that later). It’s important to us that, via desktop or mobile, our customers get the very best experience from our website and can follow a clear path to getting their hands on the refurbished or graded mobile phone of their dreams.



From here on out, the 4gadgets offering is a two-way street. We’ve made it easy for our customers to trade-in their devices at just the flick of a switch on our site. With a whole new site dedicated to managing 4gadgets trade-ins, getting cash for your old mobile phone is just as easy as getting your hands on a new mobile phone. Simply flick the handy ‘trade-in’ switch on our site and follow the 4 easy steps listed on the homepage. You can even use your earnings towards the cost of bagging yourself a new refurbished mobile phone from 4gadgets, if that’s what you fancy. And since we’ll even take damaged devices that other refurbished phone brands won’t, there’s no reason to leave that dusty old iPhone sitting around anymore, when you could be trading it in for cash.


Flashy design

We put a lot of effort in to making sure our site works better for our customers – but what’s the point of all that if it doesn’t look better, too? Our team of super clever creatives put their heads together to create an all-new, fresh look for the 4gadgets website. If you browse through our site, you’ll be sure to notice a sleeker, more modern appearance, with a more high-quality feel. We promise that every single one of the 4gadgets refurbished mobile phones we sell looks and works in the highest possible condition, so it makes sense that our site matches that ethos. After all, shopping for a premium refurbished phone deserves a premium experience – and that’s what our new design gives you.


Better out back

We’ve optimised all the bits of our site that you can see – but we’ve also put a lot of work into the techy bits behind the scenes. Users shopping for their next premium refurbished mobile phone will find that the site is smoother, with faster response times, less time loading, and a more intuitive path to payment. We’ve also improved the way our site securely holds data, like your login details and product recommendations, so every visit to the new-and-improved 4gadgets site can feel like coming home after a long day and being welcomed by your family (if your family were a team of people you don’t know and a massive range of premium refurbished devices).


Giving our customers the best possible experience when buying or trading in their second hand mobile phones is a top priority for us. We couldn’t do what we do without you, so we want to give you a website that does everything you need and makes it all simple. And that’s exactly what we think we’ve done with the new 4gadgets site.
But don’t take our word for it – get exploring the flashy new 4gadgets site today (and while you’re there, why not browse our range of premium refurbished and graded mobile phones?)