IGTV - The new long-form video hub?

IGTV - The new long-form video hub?

Almost everyone uses Instagram these days. Whether it is uploading photos of your cat, or filming a gig, it’s a huge presence in the social media market. Instagram seem to be looking to expand even more to take a piece of Youtube’s monopoly, by allowing longer videos to be uploaded to the platform.

Rumoured to be named IGTV (and sounding like a kid’s TV channel), Instagram will contain a place that you can upload videos up to “an hour in length”, although, Instagram themselves seem to recommend only utilising videos for around “10 minutes”. Meaning no more spamming your stories or timelines with hundreds of short videos when filming a lengthy piece.

It will launch with videos from prominent content creators and companies, which will utilise all the new features to show it off to the public. It will be based in the “explore” tab of the normal Instagram app, meaning no need to download yet another new application.

For the impatient, it is rumoured that there will be an announcement on IGTV today; most likely an official unveiling, so keep those eyes peeled as you won’t have to wait too much longer!

Would you be interested in seeing even longer videos on Instagram? Would it be enough to get you to start using Instagram? Let us know!

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