Huawei P30 & P30 Pro - A Superficial look

Huawei P30 & P30 Pro - A Superficial look

It’s almost here. The long-awaited successor to the hugely popular Huawei P20 Pro, one of the phones that really started to push Huawei into the mainstream. But what do we know about the Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 pro and what will they look like? Once again, we look into the latest leaks and rumours.

These current leaks, said be ‘Press Renders’ could prove to be the most reliable yet. It’s a different yet familiar feel with the devices not straying too far from the looks of the P20 Pro. Initially, the most striking feature is with the Notch on the screen. Huawei seem to have adopted the small ‘teardrop’ notch, saving all that real estate for vital screen millimetres. Eagle eyed viewers may also notice that the P30 Pro also seems to adopt the curved edge screen, something that its predecessor did not have. It is also rumoured that this device will feature the in-screen optical fingerprint scanner, but this does remain unconfirmed.

Flipping over to the rear of the device, it’s instantly noticeable that the device has a Quadruple Camera setup, adding one additional lens from last year’s offering. It’s expected to bring 10x Hybrid Zoom – Telephoto lens, coupled with a 5x zoom. Strangely, there is one camera off to the right of the other three, which is something that isn’t often seen, with most manufacturers preferring to group up all the lenses in one neat bundle.

Not to be left out, the P30 also seems to have been leaked alongside its counterpart. For people on a bit more of a budget, the P20 was a vital option. Bringing performance and budget to a happy medium, it was a good choice for the cost-conscious consumer. The front of the device does seem to have a very slight curve also, but the render seems to explicitly make it seem less severe than the curve on the P30 Pro. Also featured is the ‘teardrop’ notch, which seems to be a feature of this range.

The rear seems to be slightly different to the ‘Pro’ edition, with the 3 cameras in a row, similar to last year’s P20 Pro. The LED flash and sensor are also relocated to below the cameras, again, as in the P20 pro. It seems that this year’s P30, seems to be very familiar to current owners of the P20 pro.

Again, these are leaks but do seem to be from a reliable source and is something to get excited about. One thing that we do know for sure, is that Huawei will be unveiling them in Paris, on 29/03/19. It’s likely it will be only then, we will know what these will look like for sure. The hashtag #REWRITETHERULES is also very interesting, does this mean that Huawei will be looking to surprise? We can only wait and see.

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(Thanks to WinFuture for the Images)