Huawei Mate 20 Pro release

Huawei Mate 20 Pro release

Huawei is announcing the arrival of their newest device may just be the biggest thing since the P20 Pro!

Huawei’s latest mobile phone the Mate 20 Pro is the advanced version of their earlier release the Mate 20. Announced this month and is ready to pre order for the price of £860 in the UK.

The Mate 20 introduces a stylish curved screen cased in a thin aluminium frame creating the borderless effect on the smartphone. The screen offers a 6.39-inch display with amoled multitouch capability. Huawei ditched the “drew drop” notch that was a featured on the Mate 20 for a considerably larger classic style notch similar to the iPhone XS. Including a triple camera of up to 40MP and a dual-tone LED flash so weather you’re a selfie taker or landscape photographer this phone is perfect for you.

Battery life is beginning to become the most important aspect of a device and with the Mate 20 Pro packing an impressively large battery which is expected to have the best battery life of any Huawei phone to date.

This device is easily the most progressive phone that has been released by Huawei. This device does make many small steps in the smartphone industry with features in-display fingerprint scanner and the reverse wireless charging. Adding to this an incredible 40MP triple camera and flawless QHD+ OLED display making the Huawei Mate 20 Pro more than adapted to compete with any other smartphone on the market.

Here at 4Gadgets we can honestly say we are very exited to be stocking this device and hope to have them on the website soon, so keep an eye out!