How to extend the lifespan of second-hand tech

How to extend the lifespan of second-hand tech

There are many reasons for buying second-hand tech, from saving money to reducing your technology’s environmental footprint – and one way to do that is by increasing the item’s lifespan.

By increasing your technology’s lifespan, you help to reduce the demand for resource-intensive production of new devices. Being able to extend the life of your electronic devices allows you to make a positive impact on both the environment and your wallet.

The amount we use our devices has increased significantly in the last decade and we are becoming more dependent on our tech, and this raises issues when a device is on its last legs and the temptation of replacing it arises. So how do we ensure our tech, and second-hand tech, are able to have a longer lifespan?

Technology lifespan: How long should tech last?

Each piece of technology has a different lifespan, and delving even deeper, device lifespan tends to differ from brand to brand too.

For mobile phones, the average lifespan is between two and four years – however, this differs with each device type. Allegedly, a brand-new iPhone should last somewhere between four and 10 years, while Samsung phones should last between three and six years. Other brands like Huawei , Xiaomi,  and OPPO have alleged average lifespans of between two to four years. 

Tablets can last a little longer. Brand-new iPads are said to be able to last close to a decade, while Samsung tablets have an alleged lifespan of about five years. 

Games consoles and smart watches also have their own lifespans too – but like a lot of electronic devices, their lifespan can differ depending on how heavy the tech’s usage is.

Extending technology lifespans through refurbishment

A lot of second-hand techs has been refurbished, meaning it’s going to be in perfect like-new condition when it arrives on your doorstep. 

By extending the lifespan of electronic devices through refurbishment, the demand for newer devices is reduced. Refurbished devices are often made through parts salvaged from formerly broken devices or returned devices – meaning fewer resources are required to create them.

By refurbishing second-hand tech, we can help to significantly lower the environmental impact of the industry and stop a number of electronic devices from ending up in landfill.

Tips for extending the life of second-hand tech

Not only is recirculation and refurbishment one way of reducing the environmental impact of our electronic devices, but so is the retention of our devices.

It’s important to retain our devices while they’re still good in working condition rather than replacing them for no real reason – but we should also consider retaining and maintain our second-hand technology too to have an even larger impact.

We’ve prepared some tips on keeping your electronic tech up to scratch and improving the life span of your second-hand tech.

Keep them clean

You probably don’t need to clean them as often as you’re cleaning other parts of your house, but it’s important to clean your electronic devices semi-regularly. 

Compressed air dusters are a great way to clean dust and other particles in ventilation openings and charging ports on our devices. For games consoles, laptops, and computers, it’s worth unscrewing covers and cleaning any accumulation to reduce the potential for overheating. 

Make sure to check your warranty information before unscrewing covers. 

Take care of batteries

If possible, minimise the amount of time the device’s battery spends at 100% or 0% charge. Either of these can put the battery under strain and lead to the battery degrading.

If possible, avoid using off-brand charging equipment too, as some of these products struggle with safety settings and can attempt to over-charge the battery and degrade it.

Find out more about phone batteries in our blog. 

Avoid extreme temperatures

Have you ever been out during the winter snow and pulled your phone out only to watch your battery drain like pouring liquid from a glass? High and low temperatures can have a negative impact on the device’s components and truly impact the lifespan of your technology.

Don’t leave your electronic devices in a hot car during the summer, or in humid areas unless you want to be forking out for repairs. 

Make the most of second-hand tech

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