Google had a big announcement! #Madebygoogle

Google had a big announcement! #Madebygoogle

What's New?
Every year in October Google have a big announcement showing off their new devices and software.  They never fail to keep the suspense and surprise us with what they have to show. This year, there were rumours upon rumours about what mobile phones they were bringing out. To everyone’s delight they did bring out the Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3XL! Are they as amazing as they were hyped up to be? Not only do they continue to have unlimited online storage for your photos and videos, that can now be shot in 4K. unlimited online storage, unlimited memories! With the new camera you will never miss a moment as it takes the photos before and after you press the button, allowing you choose the perfect shot!  

Google have also updated their Google home app, what else have they brought to us? Well they have now introduced a brand-new Google home hub! Don’t have time to stop and search something up, not to worry Google have you! With google assistant you can now use your voice to get the best results for whatever it may be that you are thinking of. No matter the type of room, Google home hubs design will go wherever it is placed. They have four available colours to choose from which are Chalk, Charcoal, Aqua and Sand.

Google have thought about the privacy of people in their homes, which is why it does not have any cameras. They want their customers to feel as comfortable as possible when using the Google Home Hub in any room of the house. Not to worry about the screen glaring out at you when the room is dark with an Ambient EQ light sensor the lighting will adapt to the room, helping it blend it. Have a busy family? Google can get up your family’s activities for the day, help you stay hands free in the kitchen when cooking or even controls the music for the parties.

Pixel Slate
What is the Google Pixel slate? It is a new tablet that Google have brought with a great display. They have made sure that their design does not take up too much room and left enough room to use the touchscreen. The speakers are at the front facing you, this is a great design as the music will be right in front of you instead at the back of facing the floor. The finger sensor is at the top of the device and a comfortable place to ensure the slate is not only comfortable in the hand when using, but also when locking and unlocking the Google slate. The slate has an amazing 12hour battery life so whether you are working on it, playing games on listening to music you can do it for hours on end without worrying about having to charge.

Google finally put the rumours to rest. Is it what you were expecting or not? If you are interested in any other Google devices come and have a look at our range on