Five Top Tips for Preserving Phone Battery

Five Top Tips for Preserving Phone Battery

When enjoying a day out, there are some of us who like to keep an eye on our phone battery – ensuring we can get home safely or have our route home displaying. Being caught out by a low battery and a lack of a phone charger at hand can be a real pain.

There are a few things you can do, a few tricks you can keep tucked away in your back pocket, that can help to avoid that dreaded low red line. 

We’ve picked out our top tips to help with preserving phone battery.

How to preserve phone battery

You can get the most out of your phone battery life for as long as possible by following a few handy instructions that can keep your device rolling on.

Turn on low power mode

Low power modes or battery saving modes are commonplace among smartphones nowadays, and this helps to save power until you can ensure your phone is able to be charged.

When you need your phone to last, this is one of, if not the best option to make it do so. All unnecessary activity from your phone will be halted and the device’s priority will be to keep itself turned on.

We recommend only using this when necessary, however, as this will have negative effects toward preserving phone battery in the future.

Manage and close your apps

One major bad habit that a lot of phone users tend to pick up is exiting apps without fully closing them. If you don’t fully close them, they can continue to run in the background and drain your battery.

It’s also key to go through your apps regularly and uninstall those that you no longer use or find useful. The Google Pixel series is great at automatically making sure that apps are siloed if you are no longer using them.

Make the most of your screen brightness

If you’re not going to be on your phone for a prolonged period of time, then why does the screen need to be at full brightness? Reducing your brightness, or setting your device to automatically change if you’re in high or low light situations can be a great way of preserving phone battery.

Turn off functions that aren’t in use

Wondering how to preserve phone battery, but you’re currently sat with your device searching for WiFi connections and Bluetooth connections that aren’t available?

If you have the WiFi and Bluetooth functions turned on while you’re out and about, and not actively using them to connect to a device or the internet, then turning them off can help to keep your phone on for longer.

Check lock settings

Some users want their device to automatically lock when it hasn’t been active for 30 seconds, while others would rather the phone’s sleep mode was never a thing.

Taking a look at your lock setting could help to prolong battery life – by reducing the time it takes for your phone to automatically lock after a period of activity, you’re saving valuable energy.

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