Cool new device means you won't lose anything ever again!

Cool new device means you won't lose anything ever again!

Always losing your Keys? Can’t remember where you parked? Worried of losing your wallet?

Well don’t worry anymore! A New device has been designed in California that works with both Android and iOS devices to make sure you can always find the things that are important to you. So forget expensive GPS systems, take a look at the TrackR instead.

Roughly the size of a 10p, the TrackR can easily be attached or hidden in the item you wish to keep track of. Just download the app to your phone and link them and rest assured of never losing anything again.

Let’s look at some of the features.

Discreet Size
Easily attach a TrackR to your personal items such as wallets, bikes, pet collars, bags or literally anything. Its small size makes it discreet, light weight but effective.
Distance Indicator
The TrackR app displays the distance between you and your items, so finding them is a breeze.
Item Ringer
With a tap of the finger, you can ring your lost item to locate them easier.
Phone Finder
Lost your phone? Never mind! With your item’s TrackR device press the button to ring your phone even if it’s on silent. Finding your phone has never been simpler.
Crowd GPS
Lost something at a concert? Or a busy shopping centre? With TrackR’s GPS network if another TrackR user is nearby to your item you will receive a GPS update on your phone, wherever you are in the world.
Separation Alert
Forgot your phone? Forgot your keys or wallet? With its custom 2 way separation alert never leave your items behind again.
Wallet Thin Design
Anodised aluminium makes this device lightweight but durable. It is easy to hide and the thin battery hardly adds any weight yet lasts up to a year.
Pet collar attachments, waterproof cases, metal carbineers and various other handy accessories allow you to use the TrackR as a pets name tag, keep track of things while swimming or at a water park, or attach to purses and bags.

Whatever you end up using it for this device looks like it will save you a lot of headaches. Retailing at just over £20 it is an easy and cheap way of ensuring the safety of your prized possessions. The company even offer an option to have each TrackR you order laser engraved with your return information, pets name (if doubling as a name collar), or gift message. So with the unlimited possibilities of how to use them and no monthly fees you can rest assured that your items are safe, secure and won’t ever be misplaced again.