Bye Bye Bezels - LG G6 Spotlight

Bye Bye Bezels - LG G6 Spotlight

Bezels are fast becoming history with every new phone shaving off a little bit each year and so far this in 2017 they’ve been reduced to tiny strips at the top and bottom.

With the release of the Samsung S8 and S8 Plus and their ‘infinity’ display and news that the iPhone 8 will have the biggest display it’s ever had, LG have followed suit with their G6. The new model hosts a 5.7in display and a glass front and back cover giving it a smooth finish.

As with pretty much any flagship device, its water and dust resistant, has a fingerprint sensor and wireless charging. The battery is no longer removable like the G4 and G5 and there is, so far, no sign of leather or plastic back covers.

But the biggest talking point is the display. With each flagship device expanding their screen size, it clearly indicates that the world wants to stream more and more HD TV, movies and video games on the go but with the quality of a tablet or smart TV.

With the Samsung S8 still in their boxes there’s even fresh talk of the next big revolution in smartphones; bendable and foldable screens. Rumours of a Samsung ‘X’ model are rife on the web with an unveiling later in the year.

This could mean the death of the tablet if a smartphone can house a compactable screen, but it is all here-say at present.