Brand-new iPad Pro

Brand-new iPad Pro

What's new?
So what is different with this generation’s iPad? Apple have ditched the home button just like they did with the iPhone X, and have added Face ID (facial recognition), Providing you with better security than ever and allowing you to unlock your device portrait or landscape!

Apple have reintroduced their big 12.9” iPad alongside its side kick which boasts an 11” display. They have also added a A12X chip, their smartest and most powerful chip ever. This chip can run up to 5 trillion operations per second.

Always having more than one app open, changing between apps trying to stay on track of what you’re doing? Apple have now adapted the layout so that you can multitask easily. Now you can chat to friends, read through your emails and edit your photos all on one screen! Exactly like a PC!

Nevertheless, Apple have kept to their unique sleek designs. They have made this their slimmest iPad yet, making it a lot more portable than previous iterations.

Now that the iPad can use photoshop, uploading photos will also become easier! They have now followed other brands leads and changed from their own lightning USB port to a type-C interface. This makes it easier than ever to upload photos from a camera to the iPad, as well as interfacing with all your current peripherals!

One unique feature to this iPad pro is something Apple call “ProMotion” technology. This is designed to automatically adjust to the displays refresh rate based on what you are doing, meaning that you will get the most responsive performance possible, whatever you might be doing with your iPad! So, whether you’re surfing the web or playing 3D games there will be no lag or delay, meaning the iPad will run as smoothly and as fast as you expect an A12X chip to run.

Just in case you thought that wasn’t enough to get you excited for the iPad pro, they now also have up to 10 hours battery life!

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