Best Smartphones under £200

Best Smartphones under £200

We have all heard of the leading smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and iPhone 7, but with these costing a huge amount brand new, it can be a bit too expensive for most. So instead of buying these new handsets on 24 month contracts why not check out some cheaper alternatives?

Budget phones often get overlooked, with people assuming because they are cheap that they are poor quality. Although it’s true that budget phones are not top of the range with everything, they still retain decent features depending on what you need from them, and for such a cheap price you can’t really complain as it is good value for money.

So let’s take a look at some of the best budget phones around...iPhone 5s - £169.99-£199.99

For those that want an Apple iPhone on a budget this is a great choice. With high quality cameras and easy to use software, even the most inexperienced user can learn to use this phone with ease.

Motorola MOTO G4 - £169.99-£199.99

At less than £200 this is the first in its range to feature a 5.5inch Full HD screen and has a lot of power under its casing. The battery life on this phone is also impressive and it is probably one of the best budget phones for gaming, but is let down by a lack of NFC and customisation options.
Sony Z3 Compact - £179.99-£199.99

An incredible battery life and smaller size make this a perfect budget option as it retains a lot of the high end specs of the Z3.  As with all Sony phones, this is perfect for music lovers.

Wileyfox Storm - £179.99 - £189.99

A new company specifically designing phones for people with lower budgets, they aim to provide the best possible smartphones for the lowest prices. So with a 5.5inch Full HD display, a 32GB storage, 20MP camera and 8MP selfie cam all for under £200 it looks to be a successful venture for them.

Blackberry Classic - £139.99-£169.99

A good choice for a budget business phone due to its full QWERTY keypad and navigation buttons. It also features high security functions ensuring your data is kept as safe as possible.

Vodafone Smart Prime 7 - £69.99-£99.99

A UK exclusive budget smartphone from one of the top network providers, the Prime 7 costs less than £100! The camera and storage can be an issue but as cheap and cheerful phones go this is a good phone that runs smoothly and has a clear and bright screen.