Apple iPhone X - Killed by the brand new XS devices?

Apple iPhone X - Killed by the brand new XS devices?

We now have confirmation that the brand new iPhones will be released within the next two months. In fact there is three brand new iPhones being released!

What new devices can we expect?
These new devices are iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR. Why so many new phones? Well, this is because the iPhone X is now being discontinued with these amazing phones being its new and improved replacement. But don’t worry if you think the prices are going to go up and up! Apple have now launched a newly priced phone for those who want to look the look but aren’t willing to pay the price. The iPhone XR is now not only coming in a variety of colours but is also more affordable with just as many features as the new XS and XS Max.

New Features
With the new update it only seems right that the new phones are continuing to use FaceID which is greater than ever. This is because Apple have made it easier to pay, use apps and even surf the web, with just a glance of your face.  The new update also has many new features such as Facetime for up to 32 people as well as the  Hardware becoming faster and more efficient to use for those on the go moments. They have a brand new AR feature which means you and your friends can create even more exciting augmented reality experiences! How cool is that? Not only can you use it with mutiple people, you can now send them via messages and mail.

These new phones also have the top of the range speakers improving the sound from previous devices. With these phones being not only water resistant but also dust and splash resistant, so you can be at ease no matter what conditions you may be in.

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