Apple iPhone 11 Pro - What else is new?

Apple iPhone 11 Pro - What else is new?

So, the Apple Keynote has been and gone and all the suspense is over for another year. We now know what we are getting from Apple since the launch of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and it was definitely worth the wait!

The Line-up

The first and most obvious talking point, is the sheer number of devices announced. Apple launched the Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, a new iPad and the Apple Watch Series 5. It is certainly a welcomed expansion to the range!

The obvious place to start is the inclusion of the iPhone 11 Pro variant. This is the first time that apple have included a ‘Pro’ variation of their line-up – very much in keeping with industry trends that a lot of other manufacturers have adopted in recent years.

Also, why Apple have moved away from the iPhone XR branding and have gone with yet another alternative naming scheme, also seems to be a point of debate. It does make more sense to follow how everyone else in the industry brands their devices, with a ‘standard’ and ‘pro’ version, but it is surprising to see them drop this after just 1 year. Even more surprising is that Apple proudly have a reputation for doing it ‘their way’, so seeing them just fall into line with the rest of the market was an interesting move, but you can also see why they went down this route.

With the iPhone 11, it does seem to be just an incremental upgrade on previous generations as expected, so we will place our focus squarely on the iPhone 11 Pro.

Looks & Design

Not too much different here, Apple have very much adopted the ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach. The design perfected with the iPhone X and iPhone XS range has been continued on the front of device, but it is the rear where we see the real change. The square on the rear housing the new triple camera design is the real change. It looks sleek, and compared to some of the early leaks, it looks a lot smoother and refined. The ‘square’ that houses these cameras also has a shiny finish, contrasting with the matt back to give a fantastic looking back to the device.


The Camera is the main talking point on the new device, and for good reason. For the first time ever, Apple have gone with a triple camera setup, allowing the phone to house a standard camera, an ultra-wide camera and a 2x optical zoom lens. It does have to be said, competitors such as the newer Samsung range and the newer Huawei phones have had this in place for a while, but it is nice to see it finally make its way onto an iPhone.

Apple have made a big deal about the upgraded internal specs – an upgraded chipset and a longer-lasting battery being the most exciting parts. The new A13 chipset supposedly gives a whole new life to the phone, allowing the device to run at a native 60FPS and games to run faster than ever – a welcomed new addition! Apple also boast that you get an additional 4 hours of battery life compared to the XS, and providing you use the charger included, you can get up to 50% charge in just 30 mins.


Due to the timing of the release, these are obviously the phones designed to launch with the new improved iOS 13. Apple have made big refinements to the software experience of using the iPhone with the new OS, and it does feel new and nicer to use day-to-day.

The most exciting software update is also linked back to the new camera, which Apple is calling the ‘Neural Engine’ – the AI used when taking photos. This helps Apple to produce fantastic shots in low light, finally bringing a ‘night mode’ to the iPhone to rival Google and Samsung’s technology. The software will also allow the phone to take many photos at the press of the shutter, and then ‘stitch’ all the photos together to ensure that you don’t get any blurs or artefacts, providing you with the best possible image you could have taken. This is very, very clever and has to be seen.

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