Apple AirPods Pro - A Leap Forward

Apple AirPods Pro - A Leap Forward

Apple have recently announced the launch of a new version of the Apple AirPods, the quite obviously named AirPods Pro. So what’s new?

Not a replacement, but an Improvement

Apple have categorically suggested that the Apple AirPods Pro are not a direct Replacement for the standard Apple wireless headphones. It is an improved upon, Premium Airpods offering, and it shows.

What is new?

With a ‘Pro’ model you would expect there to be certain upgrades available, and Apple certainly do deliver.

The biggest feature that has god most people talking is the inclusion of Active Noise Cancellation. This means a design overhaul, changing the headphones to an in-ear earphone rather than a standard earphone which just sits in the ear. Don’t fret though, Apple have designed a “Vent” system to relieve pressure caused and to ease any discomfort normally felt by in-ear earphones. To accompany the noise cancellation, there are also options to enable it, disable it (as standard Airpods) or enter a mode called Transparancy which an exterior microphone will ‘mix in’ external sounds so you can still hear things around you.

The AirPods Pro also have huge improvements in audio quality thanks to a new dynamic range amplifier and have also been rated IPX4 Water and Sweat resistant. It’s worth noting only the headphones are rated, so make sure you keep that case dry!

Another improvement is addition of a ‘squeeze’ feature on the stalks of the headphones. This allows you to set up various functions and also utilise features such as skip, pause etc as shown on the original AirPods.

When, Where, How much?

The AirPods Pro will be available 30/10/19 for order at a price of £250 from the Apple website.

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