Android vs IOS: Can't we all just be friends?

Android vs IOS: Can't we all just be friends?

Sometimes too much anticipation can result in disappointment. However, let’s save that story for another time. Apple’s new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have demolished previous opening weekend sales records, outselling last year’s counterparts by a cool 3 million handsets. The much awaited new features such as the 3D Touch Screen and Live Photos have earned universally positive reviews, while the upgraded Front and Rear Camera’s and introduction of the Rose Gold finish have also been applauded.

Perhaps the only people not in awe of Apple’s ‘genius’ are the committed Android fanatics. Long has it been said amongst ‘Androiders’ that Apple’s IOS software is completely inferior by comparison. Over the past weeks Apple’s new app release ‘Move to IOS’, which allows Android users to transfer contacts, messages, photos and videos to IOS 9 format has sparked a trail of vicious 1 star reviews.

Although many an Android user may never cross the divide into IOS territory, one user who did has nothing but complementary reviews. The newly converted user states the ‘buttery smoothness, fast and amazing camera complemented by the amazing build quality’ as the main agonists for the positive impression. While also commenting on how ‘extremely useful’ Peak and Pop (3D Touch) is for navigating around the phone. Although the user did state that Android wasn’t completely forgotten as features such as Google Now are missed; the user has had an overall pleasant transition into IOS life.

If this glowing review has sparked an interest in IOS 9, here’s 25 new IOS 9 features to wet your appetites.

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