5 Ways Your Phone Can Simplify Your Life

5 Ways Your Phone Can Simplify Your Life

5 ways you can use  your smartphone to simplify your everyday life

Scheduling and keeping track of your events

If you already own a smartphone you should have an apple or an android calendar as a default app. However, these already installed tools may have more time-preserving features than you may think.

You can add locations to your calendar events, The Google calendar notifies you when it is time to set off for certain events to ensure you arrive on time. These apps also offer you the choice of ‘smart reminders’ so you know when an event is coming up. Whether you use an iPhone or Huawei P20 pro these features are available across on apple and android devices.

Turning your notifications off

Sometimes when your phone is ringing every 2 minutes it can distract you from the things that really matter. When all your notifications are going off at once they receive the same level of importance. If you are struggling to get things done due to being under temptation of the never ending ringing from your phone try using the ‘do not disturb function’.

This feature automatically puts your phone on silent mode so you can enjoy peace and quite while to get on with your day to day activities. It also allows the notifications to come through on your device as normal without popping up on your screen so when you are ready you can view them all at once in your spare time.  For example, Apple have updated their devices so when you are driving your phone is automatically set to ‘do not disturb’ mode to avoid distractions.

Backing up your phone files

If your smart phone is your only camera and you store a large number of photos on it then this feature will be important for you. 

If you have an iPhone, you can back-up your photos on your free Cloud account. To turn the Cloud account on you’ll need your Apple ID. If the Cloud account is on, the backup will be done automatically. The backup is allowed for your 1000 most recent photos clicked over the past 30 days. In case of the Android phones, you’ll have Google+ built in, which can back up your photos to Google Drive. You get 15GB of free storage, which is good for a lot of photos. You can turn on the auto back up on using the settings of your Google+ account.

Set an Alarm

Making sure you are aware of time is very important, using your smartphones built in clock app you are able to set an alarm to go off at any time you choose.

If you have an iPhone, Apple have this great feature where you can input the amount of sleep you require so you will hear an alarm when it is time to go to sleep and also when it is time to wake up. You can also use features like a stop watch so an alarm will go off after an amount of time you have in inputted.

If you have an android phone your alarm will automatically set to snooze mode if the alarm has been going off for a few minutes with no interaction. This is a really good feature to have so your device isn’t going off for hours if you are not around.

Health Apps

Most smartphones do come already equipped with their own health and fitness apps. Apple offer ‘Health’ and there is also ‘Samsung Health’ and ‘Google Fit’.

Using apps like these offer a variety of ways you can keep on top of your personal health and fitness. With features that can track the distance you have ran or cycled and even report back to your resting heart rate.

These apps also have the function to track what you have eaten and how many calories, sugars etc you have consumed to give you an overall report daily and weekly.

These built in features on your device can be very helpful if you utilise them for your day-to day use. Although smartphones can become a distraction, they can also really help to simplify your everyday activities.

Since you always have your phone handy, why not use it to your advantage? Instead of always letting it ruin your productivity, you can use it to keep life simple. It can be a great tool if you are intentional about using it wisely.