5 reasons why you should get excited about Battlefield 2042

5 reasons why you should get excited about Battlefield 2042

The hype train for Battlefield 2042 is real, and everyone’s aboard. The Beta has got gamers talking, game modes are being confirmed left and right, and the delay has only made people more excited for launch. So, before you rush to the end of this list to pick up your pre-order PC steam key code with us for only £46.99 (wink), here’s 5 reasons we already have one foot firmly on the battlefield.

Battlefield 2042 is set in the future...obviously

This might not be new a new thing for Call of Duty fans, but it is a big move for developer Dice as they step away from the normal 20th century war setting and into a new generation of warfare. That means new and futuristic guns, gadgets, and even a robot dog you can send out to take down enemies.

Even more players on even bigger maps

Battlefield multiplayer has always been the keynote mode for fans, with tanks, planes and numerous infantries battling it out on enormous maps. But now Dice has taken advantage of the latest server tech to allow their new massive maps to host up to 128 players at the same time. Epic.

You can design your own custom battles

One of the biggest surprises when Battlefield 2042 was announced at EA Play was Portal. This mode gives you the tools to customise your battles and set your own rules, with access to lots of guns and maps from previous titles. Where do we even start with how many different games you could make?

There’s a brand-new squad game mode

There’s lots of excitement about Battlefield 2042’s new Hazard Zone game mode. Whether Battlefield needs, or should have, a Battle Royale mode or not is much debated. But Hazard Zone certainly looks like it might be Battlefield 2042’s version of that type of high-stakes action. We can’t wait.

It’s all about the crazy content

With grappling hooks, skyscrapers, vehicles, and insane things like a giant tornado carving its way across the map, it’s a crazy battleground to play in to say the least. There’s always an opportunity for a cross map snipe and you’re never far away from pulling off a stunt or two. You know, for the content.

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