4Gadgets - The Best Tech at the Best Prices

4Gadgets - The Best Tech at the Best Prices

When looking for refurbished phones, tablets or laptops online, 4gadgets are the only choice. With unbeatable prices on all tech, with a free, full warranty with all devices, you can buy from 4gadgets with confidence. Looking for second hand phones, but still not convinced? Then read on for all the reasons why buying from 4gadgets is the best option.

Refurbished phones

4gadgets offer a wide range of refurbished phones, across a range of brands and models including Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. All of our devices are refurbished used phones, made to be as good as new, with genuine parts. You can be sure to get a quality device as all of our devices are; subject to a rigorous 90-point testing protocol via PhoneCheck testing software by our trained engineers, every inch of the phone is then cleaned with Isoproyl alcohol, parts of the phone (including the battery) are replaced with genuine substitutes as necessary and then the device is re-tested again, to ensure the device that you receive is in the best condition possible. Buying a second hand phone gives a phone a new chance at life, leading into another great reason to buy from 4gadgets:


Sustainability is a key focus for 4gadgets. Refurbishing used phones gives the device a second lifecycle, which means one less device going to waste or landfill. Mobile phones contain a huge amount of natural resource and fossil fuels used in their creation, meaning buying new mobile phones is damaging to the environment. 4gadgets offer recyclable packaging with all orders shipped, to ensure that no additional waste is added to the environment. Even major companies such as Apple are beginning to embrace refurbishing their own devices, so why buy a brand new phone when a refurbished one is just as good and also cheaper?


That’s right, second hand phones are often much cheaper than buying a phone new. You may see that tech prices tend to drop every time a manufacturer releases a brand new phone, so there are some real bargains to be had when buying a used phone. You can even use payment plans such as Klarna or Paypal credit to spread the cost, making the phones even more affordable! Don’t just take our word for it, look at these 3 devices offered by 4gadgets and see the savings to be made:

Samsung Galaxy 20 Ultra 5G – New RRP: £1199.99 – 4gadgets Price from: £459.99* (38% of New RRP Price)
Apple iPhone 11 – New RRP: £599.99 – 4gadgets Price from: £399.99* (67% of New RRP Price)
Samsung Galaxy S10 – New RRP £799.99 – 4gadgets Price from: £229.99* (29% of New RRP Price)


In the unlikely event that anything does go wrong with the device that you have, our UK based customer service team will be on hand help with troubleshooting your order. If it’s something a bit more serious, 4gadgets also offer a full 30-day money back guarantee, as well as a full 12 months technical warranty as standard with all orders that will cover your phone for any technical failures, or issues with any of the device’s functions. If you need to return your device, 4gadgets will repair or replace your gadget for free, and even pay for the postage both ways so you aren’t left out of pocket! If that still doesn’t convince you, take a look at our fantastic 4.8/5 Star Trustpilot rating that our customers have given us! Just to put the cherry on top, all orders over £50 come with free next day delivery as standard!


The quality of our devices is simply unbeatable. We pride ourselves on the fact you will get exactly the item you order. Many online retailers can be flexible with their grading systems, but with 4gadgets, what you buy is what you get. You can choose from a range of grades to get exactly the device that you require:

Pristine - These devices will be as good as new. The previous owner has taken great care of this device. The screen will be unmarked; any imperfections will be very minor.
Excellent - These devices will be in excellent condition. There will be minor signs of usage, but only if you look closely. The previous owner has taken care of this device but couldn’t wait for their case to arrive before using it.
Very Good - These devices are in Very Good condition. The screen will have minimal cosmetic issues. There will be signs of wear and tear on the casing and rear of the device. The previous owner likely used a screen protector, but no case. These devices are ideal for someone that will put the phone straight into a case but still want a clean screen, whilst saving some money!
Good - These devices are in good condition. There will be some minor signs of wear and tear on the screen and casing. The previous owner didn’t use a case or screen protector as they weren’t too bothered about minor marks.

Finally, 4gadgets offer a huge range of devices across a variety of big (and small!) name brands. With gadgets from companies such as Apple, Samsung, Oneplus, Google and many others. 4gadgets offer Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Game Consoles, along with a wider range of gadgets and gizmos. All our products are reconditioned gadgets, meaning you can expect to get the same great service and prices that you would get when buying a phone!

With all these points in mind, why would you look anywhere else! Buy your next refurbished gadget from 4gadgets today!