4Gadgets latest; iPhone 7 Rumours, news and info

4Gadgets latest; iPhone 7 Rumours, news and info

We are now edging even closer to the much anticipated release of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (and maybe iPhone 7 Pro). With the web full of rumours, leaks and speculative assumptions, it has proven impossible to know what exactly to expect from Apple in the coming month of its release. Here at 4gadgets we have taken a look at all possibilities and gathered what we think to be more realistic and plausible factors for iPhone 7. Take a look at what we have dug up and make your own minds up on what you think will feature next month guys…

Release date

Judging by Apple’s annual schedule, it goes without saying that the release for the iPhone 7 will be in September 2016. If Apple sticks to its schedule and all other assumptions are true we should see the launch of the new flagship phone on the 16th September. Also autumn is exactly when iOS 10 is due. It just makes sense for September.


We are expected to see prices for the iPhone 7 to remain static. The smallest storage size is set to increase to 32GB for same cost. The iPhone cost rarely changes from year to year, and price rumours suggest just that. This suggests the iPhone 7 price will be around £539, but most surprisingly you’ll get more for your money as you'll apparently get 32GB of storage rather than 16GB. At the top end it will be more expensive than the £699 iPhone 6S 128GB, but you'll apparently get 256GB of storage.

Physical design

We are all hoping Apple rethinks the design of its newest release as past models have been criticized for lack of initiative and change – as seen with the iPhone 6/6s and 5s/5SE generations. It's too early to know what angle Apple will go for, but it's likely to be thinner than ever: removing the headphone jack would be one way to help achieve this, forcing music fans to use wireless Bluetooth headphones, or headphones that connect via the Lightning port, or an adaptor. The 'no headphone jack' rumour is starting to gather momentum, with multiple 'confirmations' via multiple supply chain sources, and supported by leaked photos. Other design tweaks could include a flush camera and the removal of the antenna bars. Overall for Apple fans it isn’t looking great as we were expecting big design changes for the iPhone 7, but all rumours and leaks suggest it might be very similar outside of a few tweaks here and there.

Battery life 

We can expect the iPhone 7 to be a little better than in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in regards to battery life, but Apple have previously voiced that they don’t consider a higher battery life to be worth significant sacrifices in other areas (we suspect that, if they're honest, most smartphone buyers would agree) and Apple's larger-screen iPhones have decent batteries already. You can always buy the lovely new battery pack case...

OS and power

The iPhone 7 is set to be launched alongside iOS 10, meaning more speed and power and it’ll introduce a much smarter Siri that can command third-party apps, new Messaging functionality and an convenient Raise to Wake way of lighting up the phone. Also the iPhone 7 could be in for a huge performance boost; packing a hexa-core Apple A10 chip.

A hexa-core processor
3GB of RAM
iOS 10
Other features

A pressure-sensitive home button
Wireless charging
Dust proof
Improved cameras (dual on plus/pro models)